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Times Tables

Why are times tables so important?

Secure and confident knowledge of times tables is vital to children’s success in Maths. They are the building blocks of Maths and with multiplications mastered the doors to many other areas of Maths become unlocked!

Here are some ways which memorising times tables can benefit your child:

  1. Most importantly, knowing their times tables will give your child confidence in their ability in Maths. We aim for all children to be able to mentally recall their times tables, moving away from counting on their fingers as they become more confident, as this confidence will help them solve a range of tasks at primary school and ease their transition to high school.
  2. Times tables can help your child to grasp other mathematical concepts, such as fractions, division, ratio and percentages to name a few. Children who do not know their times tables will not be able to access more complex procedures.
  3. If a child is confident with their times table skills, then this can reduce the cognitive load when learning a new method. An example of this is when learning the long multiplication method; if a child is already confident with their times tables then they can solely focus on the new skills with the method, e.g. where to carry numbers, when a place value holder is needed, estimating and checking that their answer is correct. This will not only help to ensure that their calculations are accurate, but speed up the process of learning a new method and also boost their confidence as they see that they have been successful. 

How do we teach times tables at Hobbayne?

Some children thrive on learning their times tables, others may find the experience more challenging and stressful, especially if put on the spot. 

At Hobbayne, we use a range of different teaching strategies to make learning times tables engaging and fun. Teachers accommodate different learning styles and strive to create games to build children’s confidence in learning times tables in a way that is appropriate for the children within their classes.

As teachers, we see the pride and confidence that a child gains when they master a new times table so we are keen to work with you to unlock the full mathematical potential in your child. Ask your child what their favourite times table game is and play this at home.


Some of the activities that you child may participate in are:

  • A huge range of times tables games, including times table gladiators, Hit The Button, floppy fingers, bingo etc.
  • Using counters and/or drawing arrays
  • Listening to and singing along with times table songs
  • Using known facts to help with new times tables – e.g. using doubling knowledge from the 2x table to help learn the 4x table and then the 8x table
  • Half-termly whole school challenges – the 50 club and the 100 club, and for KS2, the BIG grid lunchtime challenge – come along and see how quickly you can solve a 12 x 12 times table grid (these are also available in corridors for your child to take home and practice)
  • Passport office – Y6 children test younger children on their times tables at lunchtime in the Atrium
  • Mathletics games and activities
  • Times table challenge after school using the Arcademics website