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School Values

Vision Statement


Our vision is to create a school community of happy, confident and lifelong learners who make a positive difference within the school and beyond.



Aims of Hobbayne Primary School


  • Create a positive atmosphere where everyone feels happy, secure and valued; where encouragement, praise and approval lead to success.

  • Provide a commitment to the highest standards of teaching and learning improved by a continuing programme of staff development.

  • Provide a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum, so that each child is able to achieve their full potential.

  • Work together with parents and carers, governors and the wider school community, enabling us to provide the best education possible.

  • Encourage self confidence, self discipline and independence of learning.

  • Have an understanding and respect of our own and others beliefs and cultures.

Hobbayne's Motto


At Hobbayne, our motto is Caring, Sharing & Learning.


We officially launched our new school motto in October 2007 by releasing 500 green and yellow balloons into the sky, one balloon for each pupil at the school and one balloon for each adult that worked at Hobbayne.


Caring: for ourselves, for each other, for the environment

Sharing: our skills, our knowledge, our friendship

Learning: to learn together, to live together, to grow together



The 6 R's


Learning is an innate ability in all of us. In the same way we can become better readers, runners or public speakers, we can all become better learners with the right direction and guidance. The 6Rs of learning are learning behaviours that can be isolated, recognised, practised and honed. By focusing on and improving individual behaviours children (and adults) can learn more effectively at Hobbayne and in their life beyond. Each of the 6Rs is linked to an animal. In school we are focusing on all 6Rs and helping children to improve in these areas through assemblies, displays, stickers and classroom conversations. So if your child comes home talking about ‘Learning Readiness’, or ‘Responsible Dog’ you will know what they are talking about, and can join in the conversation!