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The school council at Hobbayne Primary School is an important part of the school. Current issues that affect pupils and the running of the school are explored and discussed as appropriate with a member of staff. School council members also attend other events to represent the school and explore issues such as healthy eating, playground equipment, the discussions surrounding children’s rights and much more, in schools.


In their own words, School Council is...


School council is a group where we can make things better for the school. We represent our classes and give their voices in our meetings in every week. We were democratically voted in by our classmates and we are really proud to have this important job. In school council this year, we have discussed topics such as charities and British Values. We felt it was important that we learnt more about both these and since then we have held a whole-school assembly telling our classmates all about charity. We also have set up a project where we are going to sponsor Mrs Gomes, one of our teachers, to run the London Marathon. We now have more assemblies based on the British Values themes and we are now more confident with what they mean. We also thought that ‘respect’ was so important that we added it to our learning values, so now we have 6Rs, instead of 5! We have built our confidence taking part in meetings because we have met with the head teacher and the chair of governors to talk about the changes our classes want to see. We meet with Miss Benwell or Miss De Freitas and feedback on topics we discussed with our class. We then choose a new topic or choose one that we have noticed has come up a lot in our discussions. After the meeting, we go back to our classes and lead a class discussion, or sometimes debate, around the topic so that we can feedback to Miss Benwell or Miss De Freitas again!


Reasons why we like being on School Council:


  • Finlay: I love representing my class in the meetings because I get to give their points of view and I feel responsible because they trust me.
  • Ivy: I like putting forward ideas from my class and meeting with adults who help the school
  • Eva: I like how being in school council has made me more confident
  • Zainab: I like that my class can tell me ideas that they want to happen
  • Mabel: It makes me more responsible because I am in making sure of all the ideas from my class get put forward
  • Alejandro: I like taking ideas to help make our school a better place
  • Kristian: I liked doing the assembly to the whole school
  • Rosa: I encourage my class to come up with different ways we can work together to improve the school! I’m really proud that my class voted for me
  • Sahara: We chose respect as our 6th R and everyone showed respect to us when we gave the assembly
  • Cordelia: I like the fact that we can ask our class what they would like and what changes they want to see at the school
  • Stella: I get the chance to improve the school and make it even better
  • Jack: I really like representing both the school and my class. We get to help out making important decisions for the school
  • Anika: I like helping out with decisions about the school
  • Rhys: My class listen to me and I help them with their ideas
  • Eesa: I like meeting in the school council group with our older school council buddies.
  • Bella: I liked that the whole school and the teachers listened to us in our assembly
  • Phoebe: I like giving my class’s ideas
  • Dash: I like taking ideas from my class and asking them questions