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The PTA at Hobbayne - Together We Can Do So Much


What is the PTA (Parents, Teachers Association and Friends)

All Parents and Carers automatically become members of Hobbayne’s PTA when your children join our school. Parents and members of the school community can get involved in a variety of ways if they want to, even if they only have a small amount of time available.


We are very fortunate to have a PTA that is such an integral part of the school community. Thousands of pounds have been raised, which has been spent on improving and providing equipment and resources to enhance our children’s education and the facilities in school.


Our Mission Statement

  • To promote partnerships between parents, students, teachers and the community, creating a positive and safe learning environment for our children to learn and grow in.
  • To raise money whilst encouraging community spirit
  • To enable the school to improve their facilities and equipment, thus improving our children’s academic and social development.


Why Join the PTA

Our PTA is about much more than just fundraising. It supports closer links between home and school and is an excellent way to bring staff and parents together socially in support of the school. Together, we are working towards a common goal; making Hobbayne Primary School feel like a special community to be part of. It's a great way of getting to know other parents and gives the children a real sense of belonging.

To continue with the fantastic fundraising events that have been enjoyed by the school community, the committee relies on the support of as many parents as possible to volunteer their time and effort. Without this support, many of the events and fundraising is not possible.


If you'd like to get involved, in whichever way you can, contact us at


We look forward to welcoming you on board!


What Have We Achieved?

We typically raise around £10,000 a year, which enable us to help the school fund certain activities each year. These activities include Arts Week, Science Week, theatre workshops, library resources, leavers' books and hoodies.

In addition to these regular commitments, we usually have a main project that we will fundraise for - currently this is the Digital Learning Hub. 

The PTA has previously funded projects for playground equipment, the library refurbishment and most recently the new Early Years outdoor play area.


What We Have Raised

During the academic year 2022/23, we raised an impressive £12,106.20.

These funds have been raised through PTA events such as the Winter and Summer Fairs, Winter raffle, discos, international evening, your School lottery and local business sponsorships.


You can see a snapshot of the funds raised below;


How Do I Get Involved?


  1. Look out for the PTA Section in the school’s newsletter to keep up-to-date with our fundraising events.
  2. Become a Class Rep: Class Reps are the link between parents and the PTA Committee. Their role is to pass on and promote PTA events and help recruit volunteers throughout the year for our events.
  3. Apply for any vacancies that becomes available. Please keep an eye out for the school newsletters and our page.
  4. Follow us on Facebook: Hobbayne Primary Parents & Friends
  5. Join us on Instagram @hobbaynepta or #hobbaynepta
  6. Volunteer to help at some of the events
  7. Attend our events. Tickets can be purchased by clicking this link: PTA Events Shop



2023/24 Class Reps


Your PTA Committee


Current Vacancies


Current vacancies are listed below. If you are interested, please contact us at

  • Co-Treasurer
  • Co-chair
  • Secretary shadow
  • 2nd hand uniform Co-ordinator


Easy Fundraising


The PTA have an account set up with Easy Fundraising. This is a simple way to fund raise whilst shopping online at over 2,700 top retailers.

Register at and follow the steps - make sure you join the Hobbayne Primary School PTA.

When you are shopping online, go to first and then click through to the store you are looking for or download the browser toolbar.

You will be prompted to activate the donations when you enter the website of a retailer affiliated with Easy Fundraising. The PTA will get a small % of your spend, which is donated from the retailer for free.


Our School lottery

Hobbayne Primary lottery was set up late 2020, to raise money and make a difference for our children.  It's a fantastic way to bring together Parents, Carers, Teachers and the wider community, in partnership with our school, and at the same time give something back.

We hope to raise funds that can continue to support and enrich the education of our children.

Most of our lottery supporters donate their earnings to the school; last year we managed to raise nearly £3K! Imagine what we could do if we had more support.

If you haven't signed up yet, visit our lottery here;


What do our members say about joining the PTA?

From Louisa (Parent & PTA volunteer)

"Joining a new community of any sort can be daunting but the PTA has been a brilliant way to make new friends. As an avid fibre artist, the PTA was also a chance for me to use my own skills to raise funds for the school that in turn benefits the school community as a whole. My children and their friends see the results of our hard work and I've forged lifelong friendships through the camaraderie of our endeavours."


From Marta (Parent & PTA Volunteer)

“The Hobbayne PTA is one of the most active in the area, and it's a real asset to the school and the community. I've met so many lovely parents through the PTA, and they've done so much to enrich our children's education. They've funded iPads for every classroom, new library books, and speakers for Science Week. They're always coming up with new ideas to make our school the best it can be.”


From Tina (Parent & PTA secretary volunteer)

I am proud to be part of the PTA.  I am empowered to make a difference to my child’s experience at the school through events and activities that wouldn’t be possible without the PTA.  The events are fun and the group are inspirational.  I contribute as the secretary of the PTA which I can share my expertise to the cause.   My child loves that he gets a sneak peek at what is going on and feels part of the community.



From Mariana (Parent & PTA Your School Lottery volunteer)

“My experience with the PTA has been fantastic! It’s a lovely group of people!

We get an insight of school issues/matters in the PTA meetings and more importantly get to raise money in a fun way.

Nothing is expected from me, we can all help as we can. We are all busy working parents but there is always an idea or something you could help with.

In my case that’s cooking, I’ve helped organise and cook for a few events such as Curry & Quiz night, Winter & Summer Fairs and School Discos.

It’s a great way to meet other parents and the atmosphere in the kitchen is always great, there is always a buzz and without the PTA we wouldn’t have any fun events for the kids!

It’s also a great sense of achievement and pride when we see the money we raise goes to the school new Food Tech & Art rooms, books, etc. so that the kids can enjoy these activities at school!


My best memories were seeing how people enjoyed our cooking, the curry, bbq, etc We always try to provide good quality food at low prices.

Also seeing how much we raised on the last Winter Fair was amazing! Specially after Covid, it’s good to see the school community attending these events again and the kids so happy!”


From Flor (Parent & PTA raffle & sponsorship volunteer)

“I joined the PTA since my daughter was in Reception. The PTA was very welcoming and I was really impressed with the number of activities they were able to organise. The PTA activities such as Christmas and Summer fairs, International evenings etc  provide an excellent opportunity for new parents to be more engaged with the school and meet the teachers and for the children to feel they are joining a very welcoming and inclusive community.


The PTA is also very flexible and every parent can volunteer in the activities that suit them best, there is no obligation to join or help on all activities. As a parent of the Hobbayne community and thanks to the PTA, I feel that I can make a little contribution and support the teachers to make Hobbayne a better place for our children.”