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ECO Team at Hobbayne 



As an ECO school with a silver award we are committed to involving our school in participating in a diverse portfolio of actions and events to allow children to participate in improving our environment, become aware of environmental issues and take action to within the wider community. The school has an action plan to ensure we act on these commitments.


To achieve these things we firstly hold annual elections so that children who are interested represent their class as an ECO rep. We have representation from across the school from year 1 to year 6. We also hold half termly surgeries to get direct input and action from the wider school community.


The ECO reps hold half termly meetings acting as a conduit for their classmates to bring their interests and issues to light and take actions to improve our school environment. They are also responsible for sharing any information across the school. Through their actions we have introduced various recycling projects throughout the school. We have created an ECO code of standards to adhere to. We have created green areas around the school with components such as bug hotels and ponds to support biodiversity.


We have conducted reviews and surveys of our awareness and impact in ten areas: waste, energy, litter, water, school grounds, healthy living, transport, biodiversity, marine and global citizenship. We run two action campaigns annually in areas of interest to the children to raise their awareness and promote eco-friendly actions. This year we have looked at ways of saving energy and we will be looking at how we can create less plastic waste and how plastic affects our local and global environment.


We increase awareness of ECO issues in different ways. We provide termly lessons with cross curricular links that cover some of the areas of interest. We write reports in the school newsletter about actions we have taken and how the wider school community can support us. We monitor our effectiveness and look at how we can improve in the actions we are taking to promote our ECO friendly practices.

ECO Team Presentation for Waste Week 2019