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ECO Team at Hobbayne

At Hobbayne the children and staff are passionate about the environment. We are committed to participating in a diverse portfolio of activities and events to allow us to positively impact our environment, be aware of environmental issues and take positive action in the wider community. The school has an environmental action plan which is updated regularly.


To ensure we keep environmental issues at the forefront of our curriculum we have a Hobbayne Eco Team. We hold annual elections so that children who are committed to the environment are able to put themselves forward to represent their class as an ECO representative. We have representatives from each class across the school from year 1 to year 6.


We hold half-termly Eco team meetings to discuss current environmental issues and also act as a platform for classmates to bring their environmental interests and issues to light and take actions to improve our school environment. The Eco team members are also encouraged to share environmental information across the school and to embed good environmental practice in school, at home and in the wider community. Through the actions of the Eco Team members, we have encouraged the reduction of single use plastic in lunch boxes, considered power/energy used in the classroom and at home and encouraged food waste recycling at home. We have also created green areas around the school along-alongside the Forest Team lead, such as introducing bug hotels and improving the pond are to support biodiversity. We also hope to introduce vegetable/growing plots for each year group.


Environmental education is at the heart of our curriculum at Hobbayne and is taught through our Curriculum year group themes, in particular via our geography driven projects. Environmental studies are also taught as part of our Science Curriculum.


We keep up to date with current environmental issues and have recently focused on the COP26 Climate Change Conference and discussed the concerns and outcomes in our Eco Team meetings. We are currently introducing an environmental suggestions box for all children to have the opportunity to voice their concerns or questions about the environment.