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We are very proud to be named after local philanthropist William Hobbayne who has been a part of Hanwell's history for centuries.


In 1484 William gave a house and some 22 acres of land to be used for the poor and needy of the parish, and since then the Charity of William Hobbayne has been quietly making a difference to local people in need, hardship or distress.


In the 1600s and 1700s the charity helped local residents with expenses in illness, for example £1 to John Pope, his family having the smallpox. The trustees supported a charity school in the 18th century, organised apprenticeships in the 19th century and in the 1930s often gave coal to out of work local people. Our school first opened in 1911 under the name of Greenford Avenue School but was renamed as Hobbayne Primary School in 1926 in recognition of William Hobbayne's contribution to the local community of Hanwell. 


Times have changed since William Hobbayne lived but the charity still continues to support children in the local community, some of whom attend our school.