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I  was watching the 6 o’clock news with my Mum, when Jamie Cullum appeared on the screen. He was talking about a competition to win a Baby Grand Piano. All you had to do was write a song to explain why your charity/school/group needed one. My mum said, ”Astrid you should enter!” So, the next day (whilst walking to school) I gathered some of my friends -Eva, Keira, Eliza- and told them about it. They thought it was a brilliant idea. The following day, we got our heads together and started to try and come up with a song. Eva was humming a tune and we all shouted, “Eva that is a great tune!!!” From then we all wrote lyrics with Eliza on the guitar strumming chords, Keira on the piano playing chords and Eva and I singing. We asked Mrs Yoosuf if we could use the music room at lunchtime and she agreed thinking it was a great idea. We have been practising every lunchtime and we have finally recorded it. The competition closes on 20th November. Our song is about people coming together through music and why we want to win. This journey has taught us resilience and not to give up. Practice makes hopefully perfect. I hope you like the song and fingers crossed we win this piano for Hobbayne.  (Astrid Year 6 Silver Class)    


The girls had to write and record an original song telling their story of how Hobbayne would benefit from winning the piano. The song had to tell the story of how the piano would positively impact children’s lives; how it would inspire more music making, more enjoyment and more creativity. The song will be judged on melody, composition, originality and lyrics. We are super proud of these girls, showing such determination and resilience to the point that nothing stood in their way.  They gave up lunchtimes and evenings to support our school. Go Team Hobbayne!


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