Hobbayne Primary School

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Staff List



Mrs S Yoosuf – Headteacher

Mrs M Barnes – Deputy Headteacher (Inclusion & Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Miss I Tolan – Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum & Standards)

Mrs M Yudolph – SENDCo

Mrs M Moore – School Business Manager



Early Years


Mrs E Hoddy – Nursery Ladybirds teacher

Miss J Gill - Reception Lime class teacher and FS Phase Leader

Mrs N Gutch and Mrs M Yudolph - Reception Orange class teacher

Mrs S Cosstick – Nursery Nurse

Mrs J Bedborough - Nursery Nurse

Mrs S Scarborough - Nursery Nurse




Key Stage One Phase


Miss S Galloway - Year 1 Red class teacher

Miss K Day - Year 1 Blue class teacher

Mr A Murch - Year 2 Green class teacher

Miss K Strube - Year 2 Pink class teacher and KS1 Phase Leader

Miss S De Freitas - Year 2 Violet class teacher


Lower Key Stage Two Phase


Ms M Charles - Year 3 Purple class teacher and Lower KS2 Phase Leader

Mrs M Barnes and Miss I Tolan - Year 3 Peach class teacher

Miss B Harrison - Year 3 Amber class teacher

Miss W Islam - Year 4 Turquoise class teacher

Mrs F Linney - Year 4 Brown class teacher

Ms S Tyler -  Year 4 Ruby class teacher


Upper Key Stage Two Phase


Mrs R Ali - Year 5 Bronze class teacher

Mrs R Vesey - Year 5 Gold class teacher

Miss C Higgins - Year 5 Aqua class teacher

Ms W Wrobel - Year 6 Burgundy class teacher

Mr C Westcott - Year 6 Platinum class teacher

Mr P Savage - Year 6 Silver class teacher and Upper KS2 Phase Leader


Mrs K Gomes – PPA Cover and PE Coordinator 


Teaching Assistants & Learning Support Assistants


Mrs P Thomson - HLTA

Mrs J Chodzko-Zajko - HLTA

Mrs J Langton - HLTA

Mrs M Ostuni – HLTA

Ms L Marquez - HLTA


Mrs A Almeida - LSA

Mrs E Bridge - LSA

Ms Z Carroll - LSA

Ms D Dawkins - LSA

Mrs C Shelley - LSA

Ms J Shelley - LSA

Mrs R Ter-Organessian – LSA

Mrs B Kosanovic – LSA

Mrs B Gobi - LSA

Mrs C Downing – LSA

Mrs L Gomez – LSA

Mrs J Zdyb – LSA

Ms E Losiak – LSA

Ms L Roberts - LSA

Mrs S Haid - LSA

Mrs S Gassasse - LSA

Ms S Mouzali - LSA


Mrs C Hill - TA

Mrs N Vasandani - TA

Mrs N Thompson - TA

Mrs S Joshi - TA

Mr M Wright - TA

Mrs L Beharry – TA

Mrs M Charles - TA


Office Staff


Mrs M Vowles - Senior School Administrator

Ms E Cook - Assistant Administrator

Ms A Gordon - Receptionist

Ms L Gomez – Receptionist

Mrs L Rutter – Welfare Officer

Mrs A Cadden – Technician TA


SMSAs (lunchtime support)


Mrs J Benfield – Infant Lead SMSA

Ms M Skinner - Junior Lead SMSA

Ms S Nath - SMSA

Mrs B Gobi - SMSA

Mrs C Downing - SMSA

Mrs M Charles - SMSA

Mrs C Shelley - SMSA

Mrs Z Carroll - SMSA

Ms J Shelley - SMSA


Site Support Staff


Mr A Challice – Site Supervisor


Mr M Cyrille - Cleaner

Mr T Watson – Cleaner

Miss B Flanaghan - Cleaner

Mrs C Muhammad - Cleaner

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